The Bariatric Channel is an online study and improvement environment focused on bariatric and metabolic surgery and endoscopy.

To promote the dissemination of knowledge in the area of bariatric and metabolic surgery and endoscopy and to strengthen the exchange of knowledge among professionals from multiple related specialties.

To promote scientific discussions related to the surgical, endoscopic and clinical treatment of obesity and metabolic disease.

Encourage online networking among health professionals of the specialty.

To reach out to and arouse the interest of novice surgeons in the specialty.

Encourage experienced specialists and opinion leaders to remain active in the specialty.

To stimulate continued scientific updating in the area of metabolic bariatric surgery and endoscopy, accompanying the rapid advance of science and technology in this area.

To search for the national and international reach in this specialty, attracting new public to the market.

To make possible the access of the participants of the course to a state-of-the-art faculty, national and international, with an unprecedented interaction offering, also, the simultaneous translation to three languages in all the modules.

To promote surgical teaching by the greatest experts in the area through semi-edited videos and live surgeries, where technical details, tactics and tips will be approached.

More than a continued course, we are an on-line educational platform, complete and free, focused on the scientific dissemination of the universe of bariatric and metabolic surgery and endoscopy.



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